How To Make Our Kids Aware Of The Sexual Harassment Through Education?

Posted by Lucysharpe
April 13, 2018

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Our children totally dependent on us. We teach them every possible way to keep themselves safe from all kinds of hurdles. We teach them to not to touch to the hot burner, we teach them to look at both sides of the road before crossing it, but what we don’t teach them, the most important thing is about their body safety – until or unless they are much older for this – or sometimes it will become too late to tell them about it.

According to the latest research, today about 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls are sexually harassed at the very early age. Isn’t this scary? Therefore, it is suggested to teach everything to children at a very early age in order to avoid any hurdle later. Hundreds of UK Essays are written on this topic. If you are feeling reluctant in telling your child about sexual harassment go through them and get ideas.

If your child goes to school or pre-school, if he goes to play dates, if you live in a joint family or your child goes to play in the neighbour’s house, then keep in mind that there is always a risk of your kid being sexually harassed. I know it is hard to digest, but this is the reality of life and it is necessary for you to admit it as soon as possible. If you think that your child is too young to know about these, things then you are making a big mistake.

It is necessary to tell about sexual harassment and about body safety to children as soon as possible. Of course, you can’t keep an eye on your child each and every second. So, don’t wait for another day and talk to them now before it’s too late. Following are 8 most important areas one must cover when talking to their children:

    1. Talk to them about body parts now: Tell your child about the correct name of their body parts that too early like very early. If you use some other name and they will hear the correct name from somewhere they will get confused.


    1. Tell them about the private parts: Tell your child that there are some parts of their body that are called private parts. Private parts in simple words are those parts of the body that are covered with the cloths and no one can see them except your mother and father and your doctor but it must be in the presence of your parents.



    1. Teach your children about their body boundaries: Tell your child that there must be a proper line between you and other people and no one is allowed to cross them. No one is allowed to touch your private part as well as you are not allowed to touch theirs. Many parents skip the most important part of this talk that is to tell your child that sexual abuse begins when someone touches your private part. So if someone will try to do this they have to shout and run away at once.


    1. Tell your child to tell you each and everything: Most perpetrators will tell the child to keep sexual harass a secret. This is just a game or it is a secret between us. Tell your child if something like this happens to them, then it is must share with the parents. Be friends with your kids, so that they will not hesitate to tell you something.



    1. No one is allowed to take pictures: Tell your child that they must always cover their private part with the clothes and do not allow anyone to take pictures of it. Usually, most parents missed this most important point. Keep in mind that this is an epidemic and it can put your child life at risk.


    1. Teach your child to say NO: Some children feel uncomfortable in telling “NO” to people. Teach your child how to say no. Ask them if someone tries to touch their private parts at once say no or make some excuse and leave that place immediately.



    1. Give your child some code word: If your child is older enough, tell them a code word that they can use if they feel something uncomfortable happening with them. They can use this code word at home in front of guests or when they are at a sleepover to their relative house or on a playdate.


    1. Tell your child that they will always be safe when they tell you body secret: Mostly children hide their body secrets with their parents because they think that if they tell them anything they will be in serious trouble. Tell your child no matter what happens you will always trust them so never ever hide anything from you.

    Above are some most important points that are must to keep in mind when you are planning to teach your child about sexual harassment or child abuse. This can be a life altering articles for many families and it has a lot of power to prevent you and your child from some horrifying experiences.

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