how will it change?

Posted by Tejal Deore
April 15, 2018

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  • In a deep anger, we started sharing statuses, changed DPs, following silent marches and rallies for two of our nation’s daughters.. (I wonder, do we really live in a nation? Go, get the meaning of it..  I wonder, whether India has a right to have daughters? No, these innocent girls can not be daughters of fake society.) But will it really make an impact? Yes, It can take a few time but surely, it will make a change. We have Nirbhaya as an example. It took five years to get a justice (which may have seen approximately 5 lakh rapes) but when common man turns into pressurized group, it gives a result.

   Today situation has changed. Nirbhaya had a strong support from all of us. If anybody was silent then it was governmental institution, that too because they had that kind of pressure, not because they wanted to secure criminals. But today not all are supporting because many of them are having dark side of religion. Few are giving slogans of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’ and ‘Jay Sri Ram’. But dude, rape hua hai, political drama ni chahiye.. Anyway, country is not your petant nor your religion’s..

Arguments like why every rape does not get coverage are failed. firstly, because nobody wants to come and fight for justice as brutal society’s fake status is important for them. Secondly, Nirbhaya, Asifa and Unnao rape cases have crossed the limit of cruelty. Which can fire any being who is human for the light of justice.

Tragedy is that whoever reading these articles are sensible enough to get the things correctly. But morons will never come and read against themselves. Only we, who are feeling the wound can be the change and can be the source of change. Let’s come together and fight against odd mentality.

‘She is not sensible physically. We grew up her so.. Remember, she can be a Dangal girl.’

He is not meant to show his muscles every time.. Remember, he has to understand her.. and we must team this to our boys. (So that they will become proud sons).

We all have to start saying no when we see cruelty is raising all round.

Let’s try not to find cast and religion of our girls(don’t call them victims), this will be kind of support to criminals. And criminals have only one religion i.e crime. We will fight till morons get wild punishment.

Be the part of a change, otherwise we all know about Arab countries. Save thr India.. Only if we are real Indians.

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