humanity is dying.. She was just 8.

Posted by Sravya
April 15, 2018

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Humanity is dying. Every 20 minutes, there is a rape in this country but not all are being reported. Some of our representative whom we have chosen to protect us and govern, are the ones exploiting young girls. The laws in this country are weak, the system is corrupt; money and power can get you out of any kind of trouble.

She was 8 YEARS OLD, only 8. What was her fault? Why did she have to go through something so horrific at such a young age? It disgusts me to even think about the fact that a group of men took advantage of this young child, sedated her, raped her and then killed her. How did they manage to sleep at night after committing such a heinous crime? She is the same age as their daughter, niece, and granddaughter. How many more incidents will it take for men in our country to RESPECT women and not treat them as objects to satisfy their lust. First, Nirbaya then Unnao and now Kathua. When will this stop.

Is this an end to HUMANITY?

Us Indian have always been proud of our culture but with the current turn of events, is this something we should be proud of? We have been taught since childhood to remove our shoes before entering the temple, women have been asked not to enter the temple during their menstrual cycle as we are considered “impure” then how did these men rape that child inside a temple. People belonging to one religion are raping a girl belonging to another religion inside a place of worship. Which religion in the world teaches this kind of criminality? What kind of a barbaric society are we living in where some people are protecting and supporting the rapists?

The question is, how could they think of satisfying their lust by raping a child. The child’s family was not allowed to bury their daughter inside their village and they were forced to bury her outside the village. I fail to understand humans. What is the fault of the child or her family? Why is it that they weren’t even allowed to bury her in her own village.

Why has the Modi Government never taken the issue of the safety of women seriously? Their Campaign, “Beti Bachao” should be changed to “Aapne Aapne Betiyoo ko Bachalo”. Two BJP leaders have joined the rally in support of the accused men.  What baffles me the most is that why does our law not give death penalty to every single rapist. Why are lawyers protesting against the filing of the charge sheet? Why do we want to support the rapists instead of ensuring justice be served to the victim and her family.

So many why’s and yet, there isn’t any answer to it. Being born as a girl in this country is a curse. Earlier people did not want a girl child as she was considered as a burden, seems like nothing has changed. Now, having a girl child scares people with the number of rapes increasing on a daily basis in this country. I don’t blame them. I am scared too.

Now the real question is how should we deal with this issue? Should we make Death Penalty mandatory for any person convicted of rape? Or Should the mindset of people change with respect to women? Will Sex Education reduce the crime rate against women?

The answers to these questions must come within us.

RIP you little angle, I am sorry we couldn’t protect you but we’ll ensure justice is served.


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