I Am A Dead Hindu

Posted by Preyansi Mani in Specials
April 16, 2018
I have always felt a contempt for chest-thumping Brahmins/upper caste demons, chest-thumping Hindutva, chest-thumping masculinity. In fact, any bloated, libidinous masculine arrogance hidden in the garb of Hindutva. The media pictures, the streaming videos, the slogans; these all have made me shudder from time to time. I have felt unsafe around bhagwa-dawning goons who justify every possible heinous crime on the planet in the name of ‘Jai Sriram’.
I have never been surer of saying that the humanity in Hindutva is dead. The protesting lawyers trying to stop police from filing charge-sheet are dead Hindus. They are mere chest-thumping barbarians, who can not feel, who do not have any sense of morality, whose humanity is dead. They all are dead Hindus dawning dead souls in living bodies. And equally dead are the ones who silently continue to support a political party with a dead soul and which is a blot on any humanist tenet of Hinduism.
And let the proud Hindus not try and distance ourselves. We all are responsible for breeding barbarians and giving them political power and supporting the Hindutva ideology that nurtures such barbarians and we continue to do so. We all are surrounded by family, friends, relatives, acquaintances who continue to despise any other clan, any minority, any decency in the name of Hindu supremacy. All of us as silent watchers, listeners are dead Hindus.
I don’t know what I can do for the Unnao or Kathua rape victims. All I know is that being Hindu is not my religion and I would want to bury my identity if that’s what it takes. Unfortunately, I can not distance myself from the barbaric act meted out to the girl in Kathua. I belong to a religion and an identity, that has taken the worst course in last few years. My head hangs in shame and yes, I am a dead Hindu with a dead soul.