Important Areas to Focus at School to ensure All-Round Development of a Child

Posted by Karan Singh
April 12, 2018

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Schools play a major role in laying the academic foundation of a child and promoting their psychological and mental growth. Apart from gaining academic knowledge, children also acquire important life skills and ethical values there. Schools help in molding the children into responsible and hardworking individuals, who can become a productive part of the society after growing up.

Role of School in Child Development

Schools provide a structured environment, where children learn about the importance of discipline, and are made to follow certain positive rules and regulations. The habits and mannerisms that the children learn in their school years stay with them throughout their life. These practices help them to develop a positive personality and aid them in achieving great success in the future.

Childhood development education in schools is aimed at helping the students to achieve an all-round development. It not only lays emphasis on the academic excellence of the children, but also gives an equal importance to their advancement in various other spheres of life.

Here are some of the areas that a school should focus on in order to facilitate the holistic development of the students:

  • Sports are a vital element in the development of a child. While academics helps in honing the mind of a child, sports is essential for the positive development of his or her body. Sport activities help in maintaining the good health and fitness of a child. Moreover, these activities foster a feeling of team-work and healthy competition among the children and enhances their leadership skills.
  • Participation in cultural activities, such as music, dancing, painting and singing helps in developing the aesthetic faculties of a child and enhances their artistic values. Children may find their hidden talents by participating in these activities and broaden their horizons beyond academics.
  • The ethical and moral development of children is essential in shaping them into responsible citizens of the country. The children must be taught how to differentiate between right and wrong in their school, so that they are able to make constructive and positive life choices in the future. Moral values, such as kindness, honesty, compassion, truthfulness, hard-work, forgiveness and cooperation must be inculcated among the children in school. Through these moral teachings, a school should aim at imparting a sense of responsibility among the students and increase their emotional intelligence.
  • Personality development:During their years in school children should be nurtured in a manner that they develop a charming and pleasing personality. The personality of a person plays a very important role in ensuring their success. A person having a pleasing personality has much greater chances of achieving success, in comparison to someone having a dull persona.  There should be special public speaking and general knowledge classes held in schools which would aid a child in developing his/her personality in a notable manner.  While public speaking classes can help the children to smartly interact with others, through general knowledge classes they can become well-informed citizens capable of participating in discussions on various topics.

Before admitting your child into a school, do check if their curriculum gives importance to all the above spheres, in order to ensure the all-round development of your child.

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