My Dear Country, Do Not Call Me Your Daughter

Posted by Yugandhara Yug
April 14, 2018

I was speechless when I came to know about the Kathua gang-rape. Where is the humanity? Don’t you feel ashamed?

They gave importance to stone-made-faith, but abused humanity in the same place, why?

Reports mention that she was drugged, she was gagged, she was raped and she was finally killed. She was a child, with a smile as big as her hope and an innocence that could melt even the coldest of hearts. They declare that it was garrulous. Then, how come her screams went unheard? We live in a nation where animals are much safer than humans.

We do not know each other. Neither have we met before. Yet, you’re someone I resemble, or rather, my heart gets closer to you. And why shouldn’t I? After all, we are two girls, who are no less than a curse at the present time.

We want stringent, instantaneous laws to be formulated – the kind of law which will be unbiased, equal, and at the same time, treat criminals as per the severity of the crime committed and not protect them under the cocoon of being a juvenile. The law which will not discriminate against the victim for belonging to a specific caste or religion. The sort of law which will take action against the rapists, even before the ashes of the victims merge with dust.

Some will blame the law and order, politics and the religion of others. Some will shift the blame to the victims themselves – as if they were responsible. But how many of us are ready to accept that it is we who are at fault? We – each and every individual in our society – are responsible for what happened to the girl in Kathua. As a society, we are at fault because we are constantly keeping our girls tied to our houses. Our society only questions women’s motivations, whereas boys as allowed to do whatever they want. Boys develop a superiority complex over girls – this is the reason we have failed to do justice.

My dear country, do not call me your daughter once I am gone. Instead, let me inhale the air of freedom without having the fear of a lurking danger while I am alive.