Candle Marches Won’t Get Justice For Kathua And Unnao, Changing Our Mindsets Will

April 14, 2018

On January 10, a young girl from the Bakarwal community went to the forests to bring back her horses. She never came back.  Instead, her body was returned to her family.

It was a religio-political killing to terrorise the whole nomadic community living and using forests, lands and water resources there. What could have been worse than this? Sanji Ram(60 yr old) allegedly planned the crime with the help of police officers Surender Verma, Anand Dutta, Tilak Raj and Mr Khajuria.Sanji’s son, nephew and one of his friends.

Is this where we are heading today?

In another instance in Unnao, a group of men allegedly abducted and raped a minor girl at a BJP MLA’s house last year. She and her family were threatened and were compelled to live in fear. Almost a year, the girl’s mother filed a second complaint with the police. Instead of taking action against the accused, her father was taken into custody and beaten up. He later died while still in custody. The main accused Kuldeep Singh Sengar has been sent to a 7-day police custody and Shashi Singh, the woman who took the girl to MLA’s house has also been arrested by the CBI.

Is this how we deal with those seeking justice?

The whole country is shaken with this gruesome act of shame. What are we waiting for?How many more victims?

We all are reluctant to do or speak of things that destroy our self-set standard of societal morals. We express aggression but what happens to the fire in us when our daughters are murdered for no reason? We sit back, weep and forget. That’s how it works. Cases in courts remain pending and everything is forgotten with time. People with power and money are the least affected. And then there is our democracy that lets people violate laws in every possible way. We are not a democracy anymore, we are being dictated by authorities who have crushed our right to justice. Was belonging to a Muslim nomadic family in a Hindu dominated area the girl’s fault? Or were the complaints filed by the family in Unnao offensive to the law?

The violation of someone’s rights and destroying their personal space is a crime, no matter what. You can’t make religion and ethnicity a scapegoat.

Candle marches won’t give the victim justice. Posting pictures using hashtags on social media is not what we need. Our government looks the other way as soon as something like this is highlighted. They need to understand that it is the mentality of people who think doing this will show their domination. Domination over other gender, community and religion.

I don’t want to be a part of a Bharat Maa who is shrouded with the blood of those weak helpless beings who were killed by the powerful.

We are not supposed to tolerate this rape culture. It is unacceptable! Strictness in security and raising women to be self-sufficient is the need of the hour. Don’t teach your kids to not go out rather empower them with strong thoughts of raising voices and fighting back. The Indian Government is in an urgency to amend its laws and regulations. We don’t need to shut down the case but the criminal.

I not only want to be safe but want to live freely with my rights and choices. This country requires a drastic change in laws and mindsets. You couldn’t provide security, at least give me with justice. I’m every victim’s voice. Raise me high. Help Me. Help You.