70 Years After Independence, The 3 Burning Issues That Still Choke India’s Growth

Posted by shubhangi bhaduri in Society
April 12, 2018

It has been seven long decades since August 15, 1947. Our country may be free from external control, but to be honest, what still chokes the growth of India are  poverty, corruption, unemployment and the status of women.

There are some reasons behind the issues that are hampering the nation’s growth. Some of them are as follows:

1. Unemployment: With the nation’s population growing day by day, competition has increased to achieve higher standards of living. But due to the limited sectors and jobs, everyone does not get the opportunity, and often, they fall under the category of unemployed. The decline in the manufacturing sector and layoffs in the IT sector have added to the sluggish job scenario. Failing to meet the demands of the rising population for quality employment, the unemployed, instead of trying harder, encounter hardships and become frustrated and depressed. The solution to the increasing rates of unemployment lies in bridging the wide skill gap, better labour policies and creating more opportunities.

2. Religious issues: When religion  and cultural differences bring violence, democracy and its real essence get destroyed. It has often been seen that gau rakshaks smother the rights of minority communities unabated. Do we really choose to believe in the ideals of plurality? Even after seven decades of independence, we can’t assure people of the freedom to practise the faith they want, or even to choose the food they eat. This means that we have failed as nation.

3. Status of women in India: The scenario takes a turn for the worst if the status of women in India is discussed. When cases of stalking, cyber-bullying and abduction repeatedly make the news, how can we deny that we have failed miserably in creating a society where women can breathe without any fear? The fact that women are seen as objects by our male-dominated society becomes very clear when a woman on the streets (alone) is seen as someone who can be taken advantage of. Women, at times, are referred to as ‘characterless’ and are shamed just because they are open-minded, have boys as their friends or have a modern taste in clothes.

Let’s take Delhi, the capital of the country. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, a total of 34,651 rape cases were reported in India in 2015 with Delhi topping the list.

These are alarming signs for the country’s pride, growth and status in front of the whole world. The government and the society together needs to think over their practices and decide on proper solutions for fixing such issues.