Failed Justice Or Crippling Democracy?

Posted by vaibhav pimpale
April 14, 2018

“You know there are times when it’s a source of personal pride to not be human.”

The horrific crime in Jammu and Kashmir has left humanity to feel ashamed.What was the fault of the child?

People visit a temple to pray to god for the betterment of humanity but at the same holy place, the protector of citizens is said to have been involved in the murder and rape a child.

Jammu and Kashmir has been a sensitive state since independence. In 2014, the political scenario changed and Omar Abdullah’s National Conference party in coalition with Congress was overthrown by Mufti Mohammad’s PDP in coalition with BJP.

On 10th Jan, the horrific incidence took place. The girl was allegedly made unconscious and raped by the juvenile accused (Sanji Ram’s Nephew) in the forest. Then he took her to the temple in front of the deity and again raped her multiple times till she reached near to death. The special police officer wanted to rape her again before being killed. The worst was person came from Meerut to satisfy his lust.

Has India not learnt enough lessons from 2012 gangrape and murder case in Delhi? Has judiciary failed to give justice to the Nirbhayas or is it our slow and crippling democracy?

The consequences of Kathua incidence are shocking, the so-called lawyers whose profession allows them to fight for victims, started supporting the rapists by waving tricolour. The political and administrative authorities started using abusive power to destroy the voice of the public. After a long protest, the investigation was started where cop named Deepak Khajuria is accused of raping the innocent child.

Is this developing India where the PM proudly claimed to start ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ policy? This is Hindustan where Laxmi, Sarswati and powerful Kali are worshipped but the incidence of rape and murder of innocents are common. This is Secular India but no one will tell you to be INDIAN but will be eager to divide you on the basis of your name, caste and religion. This is India where Defence Minister is Woman but the girls of the same country can’t defend themselves. This is India where we will support women empowerment but won’t change our despicable thoughts on women.

Now the Kathua incidence is widely protested across India but when will the innocent child get justice? The investigation has started and the chargesheet has been filed. After 3 months, PM Modi has spoken and promised to give justice to the victims. The politicians are changing their stance amid surroundings to gain few votes in upcoming elections. When will the people of India wake up? Isn’t this horrendous crime enough to makes us angry and unite together to change the law and force stringent actions against rapists? The good work done by govt. will get no accreditation if they are not going to take action against unpardonable crimes.

Someone rightly said, ‘Iss Desh mein apna naam kabhi mat batao kyunki log naam mein bhi mazhab dhoond lete hai’.

The schemes and policy implementation is not enough to develop beautiful India. The implementation of education and changing the mindset towards a human being and nurturing the identity of being Indian is need of an hour.