We WILL Get Justice

Posted by Abhishek Gupta
April 15, 2018

When we are stuck with any problem then we are often told by our well-wishers, ‘to have faith in God, everything will be fine’. Sometimes we visit holy places like Temple, Mosque, Church or Gurdwara to find solace. But when a heinous crime like rape happens inside a sacred place like Temple then it surely questions the existence of God. I don’t know whether God exists or not but if there is one then he or she must have been ashamed of these demons. The rape of an 8-year-old child has shaken the soul of the entire nation. A lot of you must have wanted to chop their genitals and hang them. And why not? If these morons can commit such a brutal crime then why can’t we take a harsh decision against them, if not us then judiciary must!

And the sad part is that these brutal crimes may have increased insecurity among the women and girls for their safety. For a second, they might have cursed themselves for being born a girl child. But never do that, you are the biggest blessing to humanity. You are the only soul who can give birth to another soul. So never let this negativity conquer your mind. And always remember however big the evil grows, it can’t be bigger than good. Have faith, we will get justice.