Justice, Not Just For Kathua

Posted by Gurleen Kour
April 15, 2018

While I stare at the innocent brown eyes of this beautiful 8-year-old, I shiver with fear.

I am reading it everywhere. My friends are putting up statuses and I am glad people have that much sense to understand the difference between right and wrong. I am glad I am not surrounded by people who are as blind as those people who raped that innocence for religion.

But then, I can’t help but chuckle knowing where this is going to lead. My friend, it’s very simple to put a picture of the victim with a hashtag, but have you ever stood up, FOR REAL?

I have seen people turning their backs on their ‘friends’. I have seen individuals standing up even though they aren’t that close, solving things and making them believe in humanity. I have seen people doubting their friends, not believing them, in short abandoning them. I have heard people saying that they can’t point a finger at anyone who has done wrong because he has wronged someone they don’t know and it’s their personal life so they have no say in it, I have seen people ignoring sexual assaults.

I HAVE SEEN THE VERY SAME PEOPLE SYMPATHISING WITH THE GIRL, updating statuses with hashtags as they mourn for her.

I feel sick. I know these people, I look at them and my friend, they are no less than abusers/molesters/ harassers. They are all the same.

Not just men, but women. Women, who are supposed to know better. How do we expect people to stand up for us when we can’t stand up for them?

‘All the world’s a stage’.

Yes, too much pretence of friendship, support, and love. Love. Love? The same love that makes you stoop so low in the name of revenge after a break up that you use that declaration of love via a video that could ruin their lives, or worse, even fabricate one. So you share it, because spread love, right? While all we can do is just regret what a terrible mistake we have done by trusting them, therefore, we end up seeking justice.
But what justice will we get for anything that happens to us? Judgmental stares and talks aren’t really my definition of ‘justice’ as we know it.

Do you think any amount of punishment given to the rapists is JUSTICE TO HER?


This isn’t just about one girl, this is about how everything is connected and how we individually contribute to everything that goes wrong.

It’s about Being the change and supporting it.

Otherwise, Justice will prevail only after hashtags and the only thing that will change are the names of the victims.