Justice should be served

Posted by Adharsh Nair
April 13, 2018

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Every news channel in India is now telecasting about Asifa’s case where were they before 2months when this happened, they all were busy making the political leaders famous by showing for what they are paid for. Indian media sucks every news channel manipulate the things in there own way except #ndtv so that they can affect the mind of the common man! We should fight for justice but all we do is communal fights, political fights and in the mean time culprits are enjoying the best. Democracy has died, there is no faith left, monarch was good at least culprits were being punished. India is a great nation but these acts are depriving the value of this great nation.
Ravan was better than these monsters. Stop communal violence. Stand for justice. I am a Hindu and I condemn these acts. #justiceshouldbeserved #changeindianlaw #savedemocracy

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