Posted by Ayman Jamal
April 15, 2018

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I say it’s not a rape, it’s a communal rape!! Now, many will come with news articles, examples and crime rates to tell me that look, this muslim raped a hindu girl, look so many are raped in our country of every age and look how shamelessly you are communalising the matter.
To all of them – I know what I am saying.
I have had it all.
I am sensitive enough to know how many rape take place each day in India.
I say it’s a communal crime not because of the religion of the culprit and the victim alone. I say that because, in no other case it was an organised rape planned on the basis of communal hatred. It was linked with religious ritual in a temple and performed likewise, after 7 days of torture, it took 4 months for the nation to wake up, it took international media coverage for the media of our country to cover it, for the PM to speak up.
Women sat on hunger strike in favour of the culprits, a communal fringe organisation was made over night to support the culprits, 2 ministers participated in the rally supporting the culprits, it was us v/s them in the village. It was a communal crime.
Its an extension of mob lynching that took place at different places over India and riots and shop burning of minorities.
When our dear government afforded to ignore mob lynching of minority and dalits, and riots, it emboldened the perverts to try out more crimes of such nature that is shear perversion.

I am quite sensitive about rape cases against women and children.

But let’s not dilute the matter here.
If the same crime was done by muslims in a masjid with agenda of communal hatred I would have said the same and condemn the way I had now. (Actually, few months ago news flashed on all channels about a gang rape of a hindu girl in a madarsa by muslim men. Later, the said girl ran away from home, married her muslim lover and came out to media with reality of the crime. It never took place. The family of the girl compelled her to fake it. If you want to see what type of media coverage took at that point of time just search on YouTube and you will get to know how the media reacted and how the society reacted on that staged matter. Then nobody asked not to communalise the matter!! Hypocrisy!! Yes!!)
Its the failure of the government machinery, that gave free hands to communal criminals.
Before, such criminals used to do such crimes when any riot erupted. Today they don’t even need a societal chaos to do it. They can do it anytime, anywhere.

As a women I feel weak in this society.
As a minority I feel weaker.

Now those coming to lecture me, don’t even dare.
I know what I feel and what my community is feeling.
And that feeling is not out of imagination.

What happened in Unnao, it’s terrible terrible! Inaction of state seen there is just absurd.
There’s a news of a child’s body found and post mortem report stating that she was raped for days before she was murdered. Its terrible!!
Kathua is just another level of perversion in the name of religion and how the society reacted to it. Here, the rape is attached to societal divisions and religious hatred with propaganda and organisation.
Its just another level!!

Its not that that the whole hindu community and whole muslim community are against each other. Its not that!! Don’t make it that!!
Make it us v/s the communal politics, us v/s the communal hatred!! It’s this!!
Come out and condemn the communal nature of the crime. Counter the communal current flowing seamlessly in our society due to patronage of government machinary to the communal fringe groups and communal criminals.

I have brains enough to know what’s a henious crime and what’s a communal henious crime.

If u still need facts. Go google and search about how many communal issues and crimes were committed in past 4 years and compare it to the crimes before it ( if you love comparing so much, do it with the right thing). Also, scrutinise the government stand and action in all such crimes. You will get to know what you want to know.
Otherwise, there are many other news bits and articles floating on internet to counter my narrative and you can surely use them to satisfy your feelings.
But, don’t try to patronise me.
I am smart enough to know what I feel and why I feel.

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