Kathua Case: We Need To Be United!

Posted by Deepika Jha Sharma
April 14, 2018

For the past few days newspapers, social networking sites, web portals are all covering the news of Kathua gangrape, where a little eight-year-old girl who might have just started to dream… was raped, tortured and finally killed by so-called educated and family man. Heights of brutality was that little girl was given sedatives and was raped till her body died because her soul died ….the moment she was abducted. According to some news portals, that girl fell prey to some monsters who wanted to instil fear in a particular community. The case has created an outrage among people but even this Barbaric act of inhumanity couldn’t unite us as people are still divided amongst caste, religion political preference etc. what Congress did and what BJP didn’t ….. Can’t bring that innocent life back !

There are morons who Are Still advocating the Criminal stating that they are being wrongly framed!! My question is… Why we cannot be united on this? Leave aside your religion, caste, preferences be a human first because it was not a ‘bakarwal girl’ who was killed….. it was “Humanity” which was killed.