Education is the only way to stop child trafficking, begging, Labour

Posted by Rohit Gupta
April 4, 2018

At an age when most of his friends spend their time watching movies, and preparing for their future, 26-year-old Amit Khairaliya is busy teaching underprivileged kids of labors families. Currently working in an organization in Delhi, Amit Khairaliya has reached out to children from slums and construction sites around the city and organised his ‘Khoj Bachpan Ki’ program.

His Khoj Bachpan Ki program started in the year 2014, When Amit saw that some children play on the construction site and help their parents in work and he had the opportunity to spend time with a few children and their parents. Then after discussion and counselings of parents, they allow Amit to teach their children. Soon this initiative took the shape of a gathering, where he started educating these children. Taking an hour out of his daily schedule and sharing his bit is just one side of the coin, but it was his vision and sheer consistency which has today started taking shape as a larger-than-life movement. Today, he teaches mathematics and basic English and also provides after-school support to these children. He registered a Trust named Join Together Trust and with his team he has inspired over 200 children to get enrolled in this program around many sites in Delhi/ NCR.

He believes that only education can save our society from beggary and wrongful deeds.

You can contact him @ 9555898945 or on his page