Kid Who Knew A Secret..!

Posted by Peeyush Luthra
April 14, 2018

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One Fine Evening, I was sitting on a bench, alone, looking at people, observing, talking to myself…

There I saw a kid, he was lost, looking for his parents, he wasnt crying or running, so calm.

He came to me, “Hey, did you see my Dad, blue shirt , bearded guy??”
I said, “No boy, but lets go n look for him.”
He said, “Are you lost too? You too looking for someone??”
I said, “NO, I m not lost n lets go n look for your dad.”
He said, “Lets wait here, last time he saw me here only, may be he will come back”

He had a point. We sat on that very bench n waited. He was confident Lil boy, never saw someone like him.

He said, “Where were you lost?”
“You wont understand” , I said, ” you are too young to get this”
He said, “Give it a try!”
I smiled at him, as his confident eyes were looking in mine, I started, “Well there is a lot of thing that make you worry n lost once you grow up.”
“Hahaha, thats common”, he said.
“It is. Still I cant take my mind off these. I lost my LOVE last week, she moved on n it was hurting but I couldnt do anythng else thn crying n being lost alone. I dont like my job as it doesn’t push me to my limits towards something different and as a responsible child, I cannot leave my JOB because MONEY is important to run Family. I Am Stuck.”
I was so lost in the moment that I forgot I was talking to a 10 year old kid. As I got my senses back, I smiled at him, “You wont get it!”

Moment of SILENCE.

He said, “I guess you’re too stressed to be Happy”

“You got me”, I replied.

He said, ” You know, being Happy is Easy.”
I laughed, as I hear 10 years old kid talking like an old man. “You are a smart kid, aren’t you?”

“Tell me that after listening to my solution”, he said.

I was looking in his Eyes as he leaned forward n said,


I was Numb n Storm of Thoughts was hitting me at the same time.
It was like he solved my every situation/problem.
That 1 word made me so Relaxed.

I said, “You are a smart kid!”

I hugged him, “Now Lets walk n look for your Dad..”

“No need” , he replied.

I looked in his eyes already looking in mine.
He said ,”Its been 2 years, if he loved me so bad, he would have never left me here.”


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