Knitting of a Melancholy

Posted by Sankar Varma
April 13, 2018

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With my sleepy eyes,
I am awake in the virtual media
Seeing posts after posts of , ‘Justice for Asifa’.
Helpless and sleepless is all what I can be.
While she is put to sleep permanently 
By the god and who favours the god ,
I am reminded of Nietzsche’s statement, “God is dead”. 
Isn’t it the dead god who became alive, through a building made for him that created an arena for the act of crime?
Isn’t it the people who are supposedly serving the god who thirstfully raped away and killed their lust ,
killing the human?
So is it we who are dead virtually and really or the god?
Government will never be alive 
As God is resurrected through Hindu, Muslim , Christians not through humans.
Humans you better be god’s and be deadly alive.

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