What Matters More – Work Experience Or Certification?

Posted by Sandy Kumar in Specials
April 21, 2018

When it comes to recruitment, there are so many things that you need to consider. Understand the fact that to interview a candidate depending on the skills and qualifications that he has got can be a little bit challenging and tricky.

It is important that you actually consider the right approach based on which you can make an accurate assessment and at the same time get the desired outcome from the hiring process. For this, you can think of evaluating the certifications which a person has done so far. Till date, there are still so many arguments based on whether certifications should be considered over experience. If you have a similar doubt, then here are a few things that you must know.

Certifications Vs. Experience

Whether the person has done some kind of online certifications to improvise their skills or the person has actually started with some kind of course that a company may get benefit from, considering this aspect at the time of hiring is something that you must not ignore. Understand that to learn on the job is also a good thing since it gives two benefits at a time – learning and experience. With online certification, you get to know that person has engaged himself in a course to gain better knowledge of the job role for which they intend to apply.

Many people, to date, argue whether experience matters or certifications. Well, the fact is experience and certification both matter. They both add value to the candidate’s resume and comparing them makes no sense. However, doing one or the other thing results in a knowledge gap for the candidate. This is why certification must be done without compromising on work experience. Work experience shows a recruiter whether a candidate is capable enough of handling multiple tasks in a changing environment whereas certification shows that the candidate understands the framework of the industry.

Only Focusing On Experience Could Spell Trouble

To simply focus on work experience can give a person the chance to perform few tasks but that does not mean that the individual has gained a lot of knowledge, especially in the field of technology that constantly keeps changing. Suppose when programming an application, there needs a code which has to be written in different formats. The employee may not be able to judge whether the process learnt at the organisation is the right one or not. But if the person has done certification, then they would. A person who has done certification may add long-term value over short-term gains.