Kumar Vishwas Removed As AAP’s Convenor In Rajasthan: Has He Lost The Party’s Trust?

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Politics
April 13, 2018

Loyalty is still considered a major factor in political parties. Although Kumar Vishwas continues to be a part of the Aam Aadmi Party’s political affairs committee (PAC), yet there was not enough space left for him in the party.

Recently, he was removed as the convenor of the party’s unit in Rajasthan. The reason behind his removal was that confidence in him has dwindled.

His continuous rift with the party’s high command seems to be widening with the passing of the time.

His mood had swung after he was snubbed by the AAP leadership for not giving him the chance to contest as the party’s candidate for the Rajya Sabha seat. He remained noticeably uncomfortable. He was also looked down upon for his bitter reactions during intervals.

It was announced that Vishwas has not been able to provide sufficient time in carrying out his political responsibilities in Rajasthan, where assembly polls are due at the year’s end.