Mary Kom’s Golden Feat At Commonwealth Games

Posted by shakeel ahmad
April 14, 2018

A woman of great skill who has travelled the world but is still a small town boxer at heart – MC Mary Kom. She elegantly brought one more laurel to the country. She was a Rajya Sabha member too. It was her maiden appearance at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast where she fetched her shiny gold medal.

That was a fantastic win for her despite her age. She had been an Olympic bronze medallist and five-time world champion as well. She defeated her strong contender at the recent event.

She did not let her stay in the ring for long, but it was long enough to win the boxing battle. It did not take more opposition. She prevailed in a rather dull contest where clean punches were few and far. Other than being enthralled by her victory she knew she was not a novice in the game.

She picked up the pace in the final three minutes. She constantly adjusted her position and balance and got it correctly just enough to cause perfect resistance. However, she drew from her own wealth of experience to foil her challenger’s attempts. She focused on every turn and point.

Though she had endured the last few harder punches, she remained on the top fairly all the way in obtaining the prestigious medal. She knew she would be smiling bright and breezy for days if she won. Boxing is certainly not a celestial ritual, but it is a practice for self-defence.

Having struggled with real-life burdens, she learnt how to surmount over difficulties through this type of exercise instruction. Her attraction to boxing and her determination in attaining name and fame got film-makers to produce a worth viewing film on her life story.