Ministers are the reason for RAPE

Posted by Monika Vijay Verma
April 13, 2018

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As you all can see the heading of my article, so I guess there is no need to explain regarding that.
Seriously it is ridiculous that how Ministers used to blame girls for one or some cases that we attract boys by flaunting themselves.
Wow! I mean it is great.
Now where are those ministers who used to blame?
Now as per ministers, girls of even 3month old, 8yrs, 3yrs and so on are also flaunting??
Let me ask those Ministers the direct question, are your daughter flaunting since the day they are born??
May be Yes.
Because you are giving statements so confidently and fearlessly even on national tv channels.
Leave those shit peoples,
Just imagine MLA raped a girl. How shame it is. They think they are having power and money so they can do anything.
I hope someday their daughters, wife, mother or sister get raped brutally, for giving some sense to those senseless Ministers.
Worst Government with worst thinking and worst society who supports them.
Please I request people to see the reality and do not support someone for money. Save someone that will give more happiness.
Rape is not because girls wear small clothes or something revealing, it is just because the government is loose and these topics are of no use to them. They think it is normal because they themselves are thieves. They never focus on these serious news as they are busy in earning money by doing crime and suspending officers for being against those Ministers.
Jaago India Jaago!

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