My Time At Rajasthan Uni. Has Made Me More Humble And Open To Diversity

Posted by Uma Shekhawat in Campus Watch
April 12, 2018

Rajasthan University is one of the most reputed institutions in the country with infrastructure dating pre-independence days, a spacious campus and students from all walks of life. My experience at the university has been both interesting and eye-opening.

The faculty at the University is easily world class. My professors have been very lucid while sharing their knowledge. They have often been extremely helpful not just in academics but in extracurricular as well.

The class is very diverse. There are students from both Hindi and English medium institutions. Not once did I have an issue understanding anything. The professors are patient, and in fact extremely friendly. Since I am pursuing my post-graduation, our focus is on theories as much as it is on the practical world. We often discuss current global issues and find links to sociological terminologies. These exercises make it easier for us to understand the topic and retain whatever we studied.

I have attended numerous seminars, and some I have even helped organise. The seminar on sociological research methods was one while another was on mental health. I volunteered for the seminar on public health and sanitation, and played the role of rapporteur at the annual Rajasthan Sociological Association meeting. These seminars have played an enormous role in my post-grad experience so far, I have met students and teachers from other institutions and interacted with them and learnt so much more than I have studied.

Apart from seminars, we also have interactive sessions like Jan Samvaad which is basically a forum that is organised to engage students and teachers in a dialogue on different issues. The exchange of ideas and thoughts is simply beautiful, and I have felt that my horizon as a student has widened. These experiences have also made me look above and beyond my books and at the world, and I am grateful for this experience.

When I am not attending seminars, I am hanging out with my friends at the Jawahar Kala Kendra and the Indian Coffee House. Art exhibitions and various other cultural and cross-cultural programmes keep happening at the Kala Kendra on a frequent basis. This hangout spot gives us the opportunity to explore something other than our course subject. I have discussed art at length over endless cups of coffees, and it makes me happy to know that I understand the subject a little bit more.

I am also the co-founder of a film society, it’s not that big, but the proposal has been submitted and I am optimistic about it. We plan on showcasing documentaries and alternate cinema. The process of sitting with my peers and coming up with the objectives, the topics for a probable newsletter, etc. was very exhilarating. I also have a blog of my own where I review books, discuss feminism and fashion. My classmates have helped me come up with new topics, find resources and critique my work, and all of that has helped my blog grow a lot in a short span of time.

My time at Rajasthan University, where I have met students from different walks of life has made me more humble, empathetic and open to diversity.