I Went To JMC Thinking I’ll Only Find ‘Mean Girls’ But My Experience Was Just The Opposite

Posted by Uma Shekhawat in Campus Watch
April 12, 2018

I will never get tired of living with the label of once being a student of Jesus and Mary College. The sense of pride that fills me is unmatchable because having been a student of an institution that empowers you and helps you find your style and build your intellect is rare. Not that I am boasting, but the ladies of Jesus and Mary College (JMC) are one of a kind – we are a rare breed of smart and independent women who have the power to lead the world. With personalities that demand respect and evoke awe-worthy reactions, it is no exaggeration when I say that JMC not just teaches how to ace in academics but also how to lead your life like a queen.

One usually expects a studious pupil to conform to the stereotypical image of a ‘nerd’ who is known for not wearing very attractive clothing, has thick glasses and what not. But at Jesus and Mary that is not true. Don’t be surprised to find a lady dressed in something straight off the runway and still scoring the highest in class and speaking with such clarity that you could just stop and listen to her all day long.

Classes were fun. They were not just hours of boring lectures with the professor droning on senselessly, but precious minutes of intense discussions on the latest happenings around the world and assignments that were thought-provoking. I am serious when I say that I read the Manusmriti for my assignment.

When I first joined JMC, I was scared. I told my parents how I was feeling, and they rubbished my fears away (I come from an armed forces background). I went to the college with varied scenarios in mind just like the others. From the information, I had gathered on JMC, I had thought my classmates and seniors would be vain, rude, and unhelpful. I had thought they’d basically be clones of Regina George from Mean Girls, but when I entered my class on Day 1, I knew I had found a new family and a new home. All my seniors were so knowledgeable and helpful. They were like guardian angels helping the freshers tackle their first semester.

In my time at JMC, where Satya Niketan was less than a kilometre away, cafes like Big Yellow Door, Young Wild Free, etc. were a few that my friends and I frequented. When Satya Niketan seemed a bit too far, the Taj Café Coffee Day was a saviour, especially during chilly winter mornings. Our stape though were the tandoori momos from QD’s. Our college canteen was beautiful, my friends and I would often pick a couple of samosas on our way to the first class. Samosas at JMC are always in demand because they are made only once every day and are sold out within 30 minutes. I think the extra inches around my waist should definitely be attributed to the samosas.

I carry my experiences at JMC very close to my heart. Not a day goes by when I don’t mention my college at least once. I have seen eyes widen and surprise shine through them when I tell them where I did my undergrad from. With how articulate I am today, the attitude I possess and my motivation to succeed in life comes from what I have learnt at JMC, and I am thankful to this institution for who I am today.