IndiGo Passenger Offloaded For Allegedly Complaining About Mosquitoes On Plane

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Specials
April 18, 2018

Whether it is buzzing around the earthly surroundings or inside the aeroplane the mosquitoes are constantly risky for us. One sting is enough to give us irritation, pain and even disease. Despite its tiny size or much tender form, it is no less dangerous.

A Greek stoic philosopher Epictetus says, “There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.”

Once it was said if the spending on the arms stopped for one minute or a day, the mosquitoes would be completely finished. However, it did not appear feasible in the present militaristic scenario.

What recently drew our attention towards this small creature was the complaint made against it on an IndiGo flight. A passenger complained, but the airline made it clear that it could conduct fumigation only when passengers were not on-board.

That particular flight was said to have been full of mosquitoes when the passenger raised an objection. Indeed the mosquitoes were very privileged as they got the passenger forcibly offloaded.

The complainant surely paid the price dearly. He was offloaded for his suffering owing to the buzzing mosquitoes, this episode revealed the mosquitoes’ strength.