At NIT Jaipur, I Learned About Robotics From The Best

Posted by Uddeshya Mishra in Campus Watch, Specials
April 13, 2018

When you’re really interested in something, and you want an opportunity to come your way so that you can pursue your interest with all you have – I got that opportunity when I joined ZINE.

Let me tell you a little about what ZINE is. It’s a group of creative engineering undergraduate students at Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur who’ve come together to learn, improve and apply their technical skills to help foster the growth of society in the field of technology by utilising their engineering skills to work on real-time problems.

It has students from various disciplines working under the guidance of Dr Rajesh Kumar from the Department of Electrical Engineering department and alumni working in reputed firms and doing research in universities in India and abroad. NITs are considered to be premier institutes in the country after IITs. According to me, a student who’s a part of Zine at a MNIT, is no less than a student studying at an IIT.

The recruitment process to join the team is quite advanced. First, there’s an intensive workshop which lasts for around a week, followed by a written test to know how attentive you were during the workshop and then a few personal interview rounds. I was lucky enough to be a part of this group in my first year.

I started working on various robotics events, including a government-funded project that my seniors were taking care of. In my second year of college, I coordinated the ZINE workshop for the freshers where all second-year students had to deliver lectures on wide-ranging topics like sensors, microcontrollers, cloud computing, android app development, etc. It was something else to share my knowledge with 300 students for 3 hours a day for seven days. The experience majorly boosted my confidence levels. This is what ZINE does to a student.

All the members of Team ZINE are technically more sound than the rest in the college because they receive proper guidance. They are provided resources so that they can gain practical experience by working on different projects.

Today, I am not an active member of the group, but I still have access to all the facilities. The same professor and PhD scholars still guide me. I carry the spirit of ZINE in me, and according to me, that’s all it takes to start working and building yourself. Today I carry with me the knowledge I gained from my time as part of the group. I have done projects on various new technologies since then, and ZINE deserves a lot of credit for that.

Having said that, you need not necessarily be a part of ZINE to get the same exposure and technical knowledge. What really matters is how interested you are in learning and growing. As I said, carry the spirit of ZINE in you, and the rest will fall into place.