No more Silence !

April 16, 2018

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Daily horrifying rape news compels me to think about this country ruled by the mob political leaders. They are ready to do anything for political gains. We talk about India as a secular country but the question comes up – does secularism really exist in India ? Religion has been a ground for communal violence and heinous rapes.
Politicians are playing with the sentiments of the masses . They are ruling by dividing them in the name of religion. Religious identities have become the cause of one’s death. But amidst all this why always women become targets.
In the Unnao case a hindu had raped a hindu woman. On the other hand, the case of
Asifa, an eight year old girl has been brutally raped and murdered by a group of Hindus in a temple. She didn’t stand against any political parties nor did she harm anyone but her fault was her identity – that of a kashmiri Muslim girl. Since past, society has taught women that they are the izzat (honour) of the communities and if men of one community rape a woman of another community , it means that the dignity of that particular community will fall. By raping Asifa they have shown the same. This shows that rape is not limited to the inhuman nature of the human beings but now it has become communal and has gotten too politicized .
How members of the ruling party Instead of supporting the victim extended their support to the accused because they belong to hindu religion and In india Marjority wins and minority remains oppressed. Many laws have been formed but not implemented correctly due to rampant corruption . This is proving to be an enormous loophole in the system.
How long we will shut our mouth and walk on the streets with candles just like we did 3 years ago for the nirbhaya case. Once again the same cases are happening.
We are and will protest for justice but do we really have liberty to challenge power relations of the top most authorities which indirectly leads to such incidents.

BY : ANJALI SAINI, Lady Shri Ram College .

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