Rapists Shouldn’t Be Sent To Jail, They Should Be Made To Suffer

Posted by Ghost Writer
April 15, 2018

I hate to write this post. But if I don’t I fail as a sibling. I fail as a friend. I fail as a parent. I fail as an Indian.

India hasn’t completely recovered from the shocking incident that has happened in Kathua and in Unnao. Yet another case has been reported from Surat where a minor girl was raped, killed. The girl has not been identified yet and the rapists are roaming free.

If you haven’t forgotten a similar incident occurred on 16-12-2012 in Delhi. The country named her Nirbhaya, for the courage she showed. After around 9 months of the incident, the court sentenced 4 of the accused to death and the 5th one was sent to jail for 3 years and on Dec 2015 he walked freely.

Did the incident bring an end to such horrendous acts in our country? NO. The media and other people will soon forget the incidents that happened. But can the family of Jyoti Singh live like it used to be before? Will they ever get their daughter back?

Death is the tiniest punishment that can be given to such offenders.  

So NO, Rapist shouldn’t be sent to jail nor be hanged to death, BUT they must be made to suffer in the society.

It is not because I don’t believe the judiciary of the country. It is not the punishment that can prevent such acts in the future, but the fear of the punishment that will prevent such acts to happen in the first place.

I hate to mention it. But it is the right punishment for offenders

The genitals and the fingers of the rapists should be chopped off and they should be made to suffer in the society.

There is no better punishment that chopping the tongue of the eve-teasers.

The best way to punish gropers is to cut the offenders fingers and dip the wounds in acid.

Every time a woman is assaulted, I fail as a sibling. I fail as a friend. I fail as a parent. I fail as an Indian.