No Religion for criminals

Posted by Anjali Sharma
April 17, 2018

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When the crimes turn into religion and politics.
The recent Kathua rape case or the infamous Asifa rape case is alleged to be on the grounds of religion. It is reported that she was raped by 8 Hindu men because they wanted Muslim free Kahmir. They raped her inside the temple so as to eliminate the Bakarwal Muslim nomadic community out of the area.
The total population of Kashmir is 12,541,302 out of which 68.31% constitutes Muslim community and 28.45% constitutes Hindu community according to the 2011 census(source- Share of Muslims and Hindus in J&K population same in 1961, 2011 … ). Now, how can a minority community eliminate a majority community? In addition to this, there has always been an accusation on Hindu’s trying to drive out the minority communities like Muslims and Christians throughout India. But in Kashmir this is not the case. Since the majority community over there is Muslims, shouldn’t the Hindu’s allege to be eliminated?
India is a secular county with around 7 different religions and various cultures. Criminals don’t see religion while committing a crime. Rapists don’t see the victim’s religion while brutally forcing them. So, they shouldn’t be associated with religion.
But if you still disagree with me, I would like to highlight few points for the rape cases in India. Why is the Surat rape case of a 11 year girl not came into that much limelight like the Unnao and Kathua rape case? Why are people saying shame on India after 3 months of the incident? Ah! The ruling party BJP is involved and HINDUISM is involved.
In 2016, a 29 year old law student was raped and murdered in Kerala by 24-year-old Ameer-ul-Islam. The ruling party that time was INC and the criminal was a Muslim. There was no country wide protests or candle march throughout the country for Jisha. Further, a class 5 student was gang raped and set on fire by a 21 year old man Zakir Hussain and two juveniles. Not only this, Father Robin Vadakkumchery, a priest in Kerala is accused of rape and impregnating a minor girl.
So, will you still associate criminals with religion? Rapists have no religion and they are sick. NOT THIER RELIGION. One cannot and should not generalize criminals with their religion.

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