Nursing – A Career for the greater good

Posted by nursing krupanidhi
April 13, 2018

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Post world war II, nursing has been seen as an honourable profession that blends compassion, courage and kindness. Nurses are seen as, and are some of the strongest citizens of the society for their service to the nation. They are vital to the society and responsible for the care and well being of large numbers of the population. To be involved in this profession, we urge you to choose from the best nursing colleges in Bangalore.

Why does India need more nurses?

As India is considered to be a ‘developing’ nation, we depend on our nurses to develop further. Our overworked, underpaid nurses have a key role in all aspects of health care. Undoubtedly, it’s a draining profession, especially because of the institutionalisation and privatisation of healthcare systems in India, akin to western counterparts. However, only nurses themselves have the potential to be the change in their profession. A prime example of this is the change in the way nurses are looked upon. In 1908, the first organisation of trained, professional nurses came into being. It was formed to uphold the respect and dignity of the nursing profession. After India’s independence, the path of community development programmes and the proliferation of hospital services made room for the heavy demand; health visitors, auxiliary nurse midwives, nursing tutors and nursing administrators were sought after, like never before. More nurses have from then on been able to fight illiteracy, low wages, the caste system, poverty and so on. Several such institutions of oppression have kept nurses from earning the economic stability that they deserve. But, this doesn’t stop the nurses from moving forward and fighting for their profession and humanity overall.

Choosing to be a nurse is a tough decision to make. There are various troubles that you face in the everyday struggles of being a nurse. However, those who choose to be nurses, do so with the valour of committing to the needs of the masses, and not just a select few. Working for a corporate, say, offers a good pay; but, being a nurse offers immense job satisfaction and the feeling of being a part of the greater good. You daily feel valued by directly being involved in improving the lives of your patients.

For such, deeply compassionate and ardent people who want to be nurses, there are various nursing colleges in Bangalore. We hope you get in the best one!

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