For Indian Politicians, Fasting Only Means Staying Hungry Till Lunch

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Politics
April 16, 2018

Almost every political party which observed a hunger strike last week, for overt or covert reasons, remained concerned about its members flouting the rules in observance of the fast. Members of AIADMK were caught eating biryani during a fast in April, while on another instance, Congress leaders were found to be devouring chholey bhaturey before a nationwide fast. Still, further, the men from the ruling party were seen enjoying sandwiches and chips.

The BJP too was left red-faced after two of its legislators were found snacking on sandwiches and chips, while the party leaders were observing a one-day fast. In actuality, this psuedo-fasting is true across party lines, and yet, when it came to prime-time debates and exclusives, every party has, at one point or another, accused the other of doing the same thing and called each others’ fasts a hoax.

It seems that our pot-bellied politicians never want to take the side-benefits of their hunger strikes. They don’t seem to realise, that perhaps, these strikes not only look good for PR, but are also great for shedding a few pounds. In their ‘chori’ they have even missed the chance to raise their hormone functions and better their insulin sensitivity. If not for the betterment of the nation, surely they can fast for better health!

Fasting was a non-violent way to register a protest and prove a point that time and again, has been taken up by great people for great agendas. However, it is sad that today, fasts are only meant for photo-ops and gathering public sympathy. Why has a move so pure, lost its value to become such a deceptive act? Why are our ‘acclaimed politicians’ resorting to such low means? What will happen to this country? The thought of the levels they could fall too, makes me shudder.