Rape – A crime against humanity

Posted by Preeti Singh
April 15, 2018

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Jammu, Assam, jharkhand, Up & now Surat. These are the different states but stories are same. 8 years, 6 years, 7 years ,11 years girl got raped. Same brutalities but no solutions. No I won’t take Delhi’s name. What’s the benefit? After all its already named RAPE CAPITAL. We talk about them and then soon we forget.

And then I see some of my friends sharing that why we talk kathua case itself? I believe these people are equally responsible to create such environment where a rapist thrive. Just by saying “Muslims also raped hindu” u hide your cowardness, your insensitivity and your foolishness towards the worst crime of a society.

You can’t justify a crime by religion, by community. If you can’t feel the terror in the eyes of a girl, I pray to Almighty, he never gives u a daughter. A criminal is never a well-wisher to anybody , not even to his patron. He could do the same to your girls also. So feel the fear and stand up for the sake of humanity. Ask the government what they are doing to stop it? A well democratic government can turn in autocracy if voters are worshipper. Don’t be the blind devotee.
Before any religion we are human first. We have to make assure humanity should not die. At least for the sake of those girls who died fighting these morons, who endure the endless torture. Don’t be so insensitive.
#Askyourgovernment #Hangtherapist #no_mercy_to_rapist #gangrape

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