Rape- Silent Modi and other Ministers

Posted by Monika Vijay Verma
April 14, 2018

Hello Reader’s,
I hope everyone is fine.
Being a fashion blogger, today I am not going to give any tips for style or health.
I am forced to give light on the reality of our Nation.

Our Nation is sold by Ministers.

Yes, this is true that we and our life, is even not in our hand. If ministers want to kill us they can do that too.
You know what, India is working on power and money. Once they are gone, India will beg in front of other countries.
Shameless situation and still all are peaceful sleeping at home rather than taking legal action. Ministers even doing rape.. How cheap…!!!

Indians please I request you, wake up…
Those illiterate ministers are ruling our country, who are doing rape and still no one bothers. No action is taken.

Is Narendra Modi also afraid of those Ministers, just for getting his seat once again???

Is he afraid so much that even ignoring those rape case and also see IAS officers suspended by them, if those officers do not support ministers???

I guess, Unfortunately Yes.

Its shame for our country now.
Where are those shit Ministers who used to say that girls wear short dresses and flaunt herself so that someone rape them…??

How non sense is this..??

I guess, those ministers might be also doing the same with their daughter, sister or any lady of his family, so they say with their experience.
Why don’t those ministers ban all TV entertainment channels??
Why don’t they ban short dresses in India???
Actually, they don’t do so because they themselves need entertainment outside home.
Please stop focusing on your needs. People vote you not for your royal life. They expect something from you. They think that you gonna support them in some or the other way.

Don’t be so selfish and heartless. 


It would have been great if our Nation have been ruled by educated officers, who struggles all the way to get that status and stars in their uniform.
Now, India should have some changes to get rid of these shameless things.

Jaago India Jaago!!