Red Boys Foundation

Posted by Shanawaz Shaikh
April 12, 2018

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Red boys Foundation have installed it’s footing in the year 2007. They officially got registered 10the April 2014, under Societies act. It’s a non profit concern situated in Bandra, Mumbai but play their active role in different walks of life across Maharashtra and some other states of India.

Red boys foundation is a set icon for every youth who wishes and wants to work for society. What makes it unique is its for youth,by youth and of youth. It influences our young generation to strive for oneself and raise their voice against injustice existing in society. They make our youth to reflect, rationalise and prepare a creative campaigns which is the result of mutual efforts, thus create awareness.

The organization is a real Youth icon. It immediately recognise the need, understand ground reality and appropriately take pragmatic decisions. And execute the same. The realisation among youths that to live a better life, improvisation is a process- never ending makes it successful.

Red boys foundation works in education aspect emphasising on career guidance programme, counselling and providing guidance with respect to various scholarship program for different branches of education. It’s one of the practical approach and need of an hour which encourage students especially from financially weaker sections to pursue their dreams.

Red boys foundation are well known for their dedication against Anti drugs campaign. They have strived to create awareness among drug addicts and encourage them to take timely help in the form of rehabilitation centre, counselling. Above all they inculcate the feeling “Life is beautiful, must be lead beautifully.”

In today’s scenario when our youths prefer bike ride along with stunts and tactics. They love speed. Red boys foundation have successfully tackle the issue by campaigning “Youth against speed”. Safe and responsible driving is the must. Sense of responsibility and maturity is vital.

We have also noted that on timely basis they run medical camps which involves Blood donation campaign- a drop can save a life. They have made efforts to create awareness about diseases like dengue which can take a toll on life.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Indeed Red boys have played vital role in their locality and took a stand against respective local authority for proper maintenance of roads, drainage system etc. These marks the crucial signs of responsible citizens.

Red boys Foundation The entire organization display democracy, sense of secularism. Every one can put forth their views, mind blogging sessions are encouraged. They encourage youths to be politically aware and emphasise the importance of voting, it’s a right of an individual.

The organization which was started by a group of friends with the intention to help each other and people residing in the proximity; to maintain bond, mutual contacts and relationships. Steadily with pride we can say they have touched multiple aspects of life.

One of the prominent feature of this organisation is that members involved in it are professionals, entrepreneurs, students excelling in their walks of life. But sincerely contributing towards society at unison within their realms. They are skilled and professionalism is core aspect which makes it to outstand others.

Red boys foundation have captured youth hearts and follow the trend. They are technologically well equipped, active on social media, networking skills are remarkable. They understand youths, thus it justify Red boys foundation.

Red boys foundation, it’s existence is the need of an hour, need of our youth. They have laid a successful foundation on responsible shoulders, inculcating trust, mutual harmony, brotherhood, displaying love and care for society as a whole. They indeed work for humanity.

Founding Members

Zakir Khan

Founder President

Shahnawaz Moosa Shaikh

Co-Founder Director

Nilofer Jailor

Women’s Team Head

Psychologist By Profession

Handles school programs

Wasim Shaikh

Legal Advisor


Farooque Shaikh

Networking Head


Sameer Shaikh



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