Posted by Shankar N Kashyap
April 7, 2018

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Isn’t it time that we moved away from reservations to help the underprivileged? India has, I am sure, reached a level of maturity since independence and it’s time to movie forward. The country can no longer be considered ‘poor’ or ‘third world’ anymore. It is time we recognise the needs of millions who are still underprivileged and are being left behind by the privileged masses of the burgeoning middle class. And they don’t belong to any class, caste, society or tribe.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of deserving candidates in the so-called upper castes who are being left behind in this mad rush to support the perceived underclasses in the country.

On paper, I belong to one of those reserved categories. But I worked hard for what I could achieve on my own merit without any help from the state. I do understand not everyone can do that or achieve what I achieved without some help. But the help should be for those who are genuinely under-represented and under-privileged and not based on caste, colour or tribe.

Come on, India – show the world that you are mature now.

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