Save our vagina!

Posted by Bhawna Jaiswal
April 15, 2018

 Disclaimer : The content of this post has sensitive though common words. Before commenting or judging , just think one thing that if a rapist can surpass the limits of humanity , then expressing the real you has no limit.

PM Narendra Modi Sir ,

The nation is considering you a God and hoping an assurance that we are safe in your ,more aptly our country. We are fighting since long but not getting even a percentage of justice. Kindly declare a national emergency for a week and just focus on making laws and regulations in order to secure your sisters , daughters and colleagues. Everyone over here is not an officer with security by their side , we need a pure air to cover us. It’s not about BJP or Congress , it’s not about ST or SCs , its not about age , caste or religion , it’s about the responsibility you promised while taking the oath. It’s about your nation to whom you are the owner and if you want you can change everything with your officials. We understand everyone around us is not perfect like the MLA of BJP out of many MLAs , but it’s our responsibility in society and yours in country to punish such people if you have that power. 

I hope you will understand the pain and terror of a girl in India , and apart from the country’s economic , political or social growth quantitatively , you will give the priority to the survival.

“Since the day you have attained the office of PM , you are bringing for us various schemes , but do you know , 70% of us are raped and killed before availing those schemes , 40% are raped before understanding and 100% would be if you won’t take a step ahead. “



Bhawna Jaiswal