Slow justice means no justice

Posted by Dhruvi Joshi
April 14, 2018

Earlier #justicefornirbhaya and now #justiceforasifa
Years have changed and hashtags too
What remains same is our society`s condition and our way to ask for justice.
Candle marches, rallies, posts of Facebook and WhatsApp stories full of rage and anger for a few days and then this incident will be just like any other- it will just remain a tale of yesterday.

We have become forlorn and helpless for justice. We spend our days waiting for the government to take action so that such cases do not repeat.
But what are we doing?
We call ourselves a democracy, right?
Then come on, let us do something democratic. Let us make a petition that such crimes should have such punishments so that they don’t repeat. This country is ours, The government is ours… So let some decisions also be ours.

Let us pray for these innocent souls who have lost their lives. Let us not limit ourselves to just showing our anger on social media. Let us all unite breaking all the barriers of religion or region. Let us pledge to make a change.

I know it is going to be difficult. I know it is going to take a lot of efforts but I also know that you and I and all of us can make this possible.