When Seniors Offer You Weed And Say ‘One Puff Won’t Do Anything’ – Don’t Listen To Them

Posted by Old and phoney in Campus Watch, My Story
April 17, 2018

I remember, in my first year, the professors used to ask us to not to listen to our seniors in the second year. It wasn’t because they didn’t know anything, it was mostly because what they knew was wrong. What I am going to talk about right now reminds of those professors.

It did not start when I was in the first year, it started in the third year of college when I used to think I was cool because I was spending time with my seniors. I was going out with them all the time, never staying with my batch mates. I don’t know if it was because of the peer pressure or because I really wanted to do it, but I started smoking weed with them.

After taking my first puff, when I started working on my computer again, I remember how my hands were shaking. I was not pressing the right keys and making so many mistakes when I was typing. These seniors or your peers who try to be so cool when they’re smoking or drinking. They are going to tell you that marijuana is not addictive, and they will tell you about how good you will feel when you eat ice-creams or chocolates after smoking. Then you try, and yes it feels great at that moment. Nothing ever tasted this good before. But just like any other drug, your dependency increases.

It’s not like you are going to enjoy ice-creams and chocolates only when you are high. I wish it could have been only this, but you can even start losing your appetite. I will be exaggerating if I say that you stop eating, but you would want to eat only when you are high. And then, every time, you’d be like, “let’s take a puff and eat something.” I have known people who lost 10-15 kg of weight in less than two years, just by sitting in their rooms, smoking marijuana.

There are studies which say that cannabis is effective in decreasing sleep latency. The author of the article rightly points out towards the end that it will be helpful for patients who are undergoing treatment for marijuana dependence. It does not mean that you need to smoke marijuana to get a good night’s sleep. There are lots of other non-addictive and healthy things to do for that.

I don’t want to blame my seniors because I started smoking weed with them, it’s not their fault. But they should not have said that it won’t affect me in any way. All I want to say through this article is that when your peers force you to do something like smoking weed, drinking alcohol or offer you a cigarette, saying that one puff won’t do anything, don’t listen to them.

The first time always works like a charm, at least in the case of weed. In the worst case, walk out of that place, you do not need those kinds of friends. I have seen many people taking smoking their first cigarettes, some of them are regular smokers now. At the time, you don’t know how dependent you can become. So listening to those professors can be really helpful, they are not going to have a conversation with you about weed, but I hope you get my point.

Image source: Heath Alseike/Flickr