So Many things, a parent does.

Posted by Mrinal Chatterjee
April 14, 2018

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I cannot just explain in words how it feels when your mother still keeps fast for you, that you’ve grown into such an idiotic adult, but still a crying baby for her.

Today is Neel Shasti.
Some festival or ritual mainly celebrated in the east, or by the stranded Bengalis who remember something about their soon-going-to-be-forgotten-culture.
This day Lord Shiva and Goddess Shasti is worshipped, who according to mythology is regarded as the benefactor and protector of children. So, generally the females of the house fast day long in the scorchingly hot weather, to have the commitment from the Lord’s to protect their husband and children, and break their fast in the evening by worshipping Lord Shiva, who is also said to have got married to Devi Parvati on this auspicious day. This is another aspect, another story from the Bengali Punjikas and all. Spare me for not knowing all the rare and kniity details.
So, lately she mentioned me quite early about this day, she likes to infuse in me the knowledge and education that she has about our culture. I like it her way.

“So many things,
a parent does,
their legacy,
Bestowed upon us.
The bequeathal
Can hardly be ever known,
And matching is not even a term for that.”

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