Some famous medical tourism destinations of the world

Posted by Sandy Kumar
April 16, 2018

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As the costs of medical expenses scales new heights, many are on the lookout to opt for destinations outside their country. The main reason of it is that they can get quality treatment without breaking the bank in any way. Worldwide this figure is expected to rise in the days to come and medical tourism websites have a strong view point in this regard. Now let us explore some of the famous medical tourism destinations of the world.


It is rated as one of the pioneers of medical tourism as quality health care services with superior levels of technology is provided. If you compare the cost of treatment you are bound to save somewhere between 60 % to75 % of the total savings in terms of cost. It is not only patients visit India for health care facilities, but to capture a glimpse of the beautiful tourist locations this country has to offer. It is mixture of tourism along with health related issues.

Most of the hospitals in India have the relevant certifications in place. In case of private hospitals there are tailor made packages on offer which carry the patient from the airport to the hospital. Not only all the facilities are provided to the patients, but it extends to their family members as well. In fact you get the best of luxury and at the same time your health care needs are taken care of as well. Coupled with the fact that there are zero waiting lists in the hospitals which do mean that you get admitted on one day and the surgery is performed in the next few days.


Is the hub of medical tourism in Latin America and there are close to 43 hospitals with quality surgeons on board. It has to be stated that it is one of the top countries for plastic or cosmetic surgery and stands behind US and China for clients who need those procedures. The best part is that these are provided at affordable rates which do mean that more and more patients are drawn towards the country for these procedures. You will enjoy a considerable amount of savings if you plan your medical treatment in Brazil.


It ranks among the top countries for medical tourism in South East Asia. In terms of patient comfort facilities to the tune of five star hotels are provided. You will be surprised that this is the hospital in the country. In some hospitals there are even indoor pools as well. Lounge services are also provided to all the patients so that they get the best of comfort when they are here for medical related needs

So from the above discussion it is quite clear that you should link up with a medical tourism company. For a foreign patient any help is welcome and a medical tourism company fulfils that on all counts. Just you would need to drop in a query and the company is going to take care of it.


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