To Stop Child Abuse, Look For It In Your Family First

Posted by Arpana Lotiya in Child Sexual Abuse, Society, Specials
April 27, 2018

Protect your child from those relatives or friends who try to harm them. Pleasuring the self with a child’s body is no new concept in families – no matter the kind of family you belong to (below poverty, middle class, upper middle class or rich). Abusing children while cuddling them is very common. If your child has been a victim of this and brings it to your notice, do not ignore. Talk to them and take necessary actions.

Unfortunately, most families don’t prefer to talk about this due to their family relationship and the question of their status. Many families have members (uncles, aunts, etc.) who touch a child’s private parts while cajoling them. Stop this abuse and protect your child. It is important for parents to start guiding their children from an early age about taking care of their private parts.

Children should be taught to inform their parents when they first start to feel uncomfortable in the presence of any member who comes home constantly, perhaps to play with them but with wrong intentions. It might be difficult for a parent to believe this at first, probably due to the friendly nature of that person. But find out the truth, and trust your child’s instinct. The person’s dirty habits can continue until the child raises their voice or stops them. Such incidents also affect a child’s mental state. Their thoughts, feelings, emotions… everything gets affected. It leaves a very negative impact both in their mind and heart.

This can happen to anyone – be it a girl or a boy. People who take advantage of an innocent child never feel ashamed; then, why are you thinking of being ashamed? When you take the right action, your child’s confidence increases and they learn to raise their voices against wrongdoings. So, notice your child and their gestures, when any of those relatives or friends comes home and your child starts to feel uncomfortable.


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If you are a survivor, parent or guardian who wants to seek help for child sexual abuse, or know someone who might, you can dial 1098 for CHILDLINE (a 24-hour national helpline) or email them at You can also call NGO Arpan on their helpline 091-98190-86444, for counselling support.

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