The Concept Of Co-Living In India: Offering A Home Away From Home

Posted by Aakash in Society
April 20, 2018

The first thing that comes to our mind when we move in from a new city is to find a perfect space. Even though the idea seems simple, it isn’t just as easy as it sounds. There’s not much you know about the surrounding. Especially in the capital city of India, it just gets really hard to simply go and start living as you would like to.

The options are endless, but it’s not easy choosing the right option with the flick of a finger. We are used to living according to our convenience and delectation. While there are options of shared apartments, hostels and PGs – and these options might sound good in the beginning – with the passage of time, we often feel like we didn’t make the right choice. What landlords show and what they sell are largely different. You can go for renting an apartment too – but paying the broker, giving the security deposit and then lease formalities are both time-consuming and heavy on one’s pockets.

With co-working and carpooling having become viable options, the idea of co-living has also paved its way into creating a way of living that offers more convenience and a more fulfilling lifestyle. Luckily, this option is now available in Delhi and Haryana to make you feel more like home. With the help of these living spaces, people can find a place to live which are pre-fitted with all the modern facilities that a student might need in their day-to-day activity.

Living in such a setting has its own advantages. Not only do you get a beautiful room that feels like a treat to your eyes and soul but you also get a lot of independence. Just like me, if you are new to the city and you don’t know anyone, then living in a co-living space will make you feel like home. It has worked beautifully for me.

What makes the co-living lifestyle so good?

  • Co-living spaces organise several group events like yoga classes and movie nights so you won’t feel alone in this new city.
  • During your stay, you won’t feel like you are away from your home. It’s a home away from home. Friendly staff and flat mates help provide a perfect setting equivalent to home.
  • Just like a PG, co-living spaces also have their kitchen mess which no doubt cooks much better meals in comparison to other PGs. Their friendly staff and kitchen team cook the best food and everything feels convenient inside the house. 
  • By providing all the modern amenities to people who live in their living space, these living spaces offers the ultimate comfort that I guarantee you cannot get in another PG.
  • To make you feel more like home, they focus on building a community that cares for each other. To do so, they organise different types of in-house fun activities to make people come close and live like a family. In case you aren’t able to go to your home in the next festival, they will make you feel at home with their service and festival event.

All the co-living spaces works on the principle of three C’s. ‘3C’ in their business simply represent comfort, convenience, and community.

Moving to a new city for work and then living alone never felt good. It felt empty, and with not many friends around – it really made me feel low. Over a period of time, with no change in my monotonous life, I decided to find a space that would be a breath of fresh air, that would provide a social environment for community and sustainability. That’s when I came across the idea of sharing a living space with another person. Not only did it bring back the feel of my college hostel life, but it also brought sustainability to help me focus on what I love the most. There was no chance for me to feel lonely. I got new friends whom I could call my family. Apart from the emotional path of my journey, it also helped me save some money in terms of rent.

Nowadays, the demand for these living spaces has grown a lot among college students and office-goers. The amenities that they provide is far better than any PG or college hostel. Also, because you are sharing a fully furnished and modernised apartment with someone, it becomes a far better option than renting an apartment all by yourself.

What Are The Cool Features You Will Get By Living In A Co-Living Place?

  • The rooms are built to impress you and keep productivity in mind.
  • All the co-living space offer housekeeping, WiFi, DTH Cable, repairs & maintenance.
  • Amenities like a washing machine to do laundry and a microwave and induction oven to kill midnight hunger.
  • Most of the spaces are very modernised. They use keyless doors. In order to get in, all you have to do is use your mobile phone to unlock the door.

If you’re travelling for work and need a place to lay down your head for a few days, living spaces will offer you the perfect service. They are also a lot cheaper than a hotel room. In case you need to stay longer, you can choose a private studio or a shared space. The main cost of the apartment depends on the property, but generally, the price varies between ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 per month.

Discover it yourself! Get into a co-living community and experience the change. Unlock the future of residential real estate for the urban millennial and explore new horizons. Call it a home where you get convenience, detour and excitement. A “CDF” of co-living!