The Gender Menace

Posted by Khyati Srivastava
April 16, 2018

All this protest against the rape culture, but nothing about the everyday stereotype venture!
The gender roles so well defined, determining his & her strata so fine.
The everyday apartheid, when she is a weaker sex. The everyday apartheid, when he is burdened with status. When she has to market her hue, size and might, And He has to show up his status, broad shoulders and pride.


When there is no place for empathy between souls, it all about the strict gender roles.
When equations between humans is stratified, imposed for one section to be satisfied. The everyday trap of social acceptance, the standards so hypo-critic follows all menace. The everyday myth of following the norms, and seeding discrimination before he/she is born. Hang the rapist! Everybody calls.
Why is he so, nobody bothers. You call her the victim, he calls her his rage.
Oh! Double standards of the society, why is everybody so enraged! When you teach sexual urge is common for men, and self-dependence is taboo for women.
You seed the license for lust, and no age is edge for this thirst.
When you teach your little girls to behave, to be shy and calculate their smile.
You preach them to please, to surrender, and little violence is not to mind.
You suggest her to endure and ensure,
You burden him to master and procure. You accept her softness, and reject his weakness.
You ridicule her strength, and revere his success. Oh stereotypes! You build a world so hollow,
And your masters enjoy everything that follows.
The double standards, the myths and the crime, Because it is an ignorant world built with so much pride.


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