The Nation Needs To Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

Posted by shubhangi bhaduri
April 15, 2018

”Was it really my fault?” asked the short skirt.

”No. It happened to me too,” replied the burkha.

The diaper in the corner couldn’t even speak.

Does the nation remember NIRBHAYA? Of course, it does. A group of men raped her in a moving bus and then murdered her. That’s what it takes for us to remember a rape case. Because a rape isn’t bad enough, it has to involve an iron rod, a moving bus and multiple men.

Yet another case which clearly states how inhuman people can be is on the top of debate for political agenda right now. An 8-year-old girl who a few men kidnapped and gang-raped inside the premises of a hindu temple for several days. Her body was discovered in the forest eight days later.

Police says that she was given sedatives and was raped several times by different men. Her strangled body was eventually found on January 17. Police also stated that she would have been killed sooner had one man not insisted on waiting so that he could rape her for a final time. To ensure she was dead, the killers hit her twice on the head with a stone.

They gang raped her in a temple, is this a new way of worshipping?

We keep on updating our social media status with pictures of rape victims and their stories, that is our way of expressing our sorrow and anger. But seriously, the youth contribute about 60% of the Indian population and are busy expressing their sorrow in social networking sites. For what? Awareness?

Everyone knows what a rape is and how it is treated in our country. One or two days of candle marches which usually get over by 8 p.m because women must go home for their safety. And that’s it. The girl who was tortured and murdered gets just this for justice.

NO. This shouldn’t be enough. These monsters should know how it feels. No matter what assumptions or justifications are given, what matters is that she was a human being who was denied her right to live.

YES. Justice is needed. The nation needs to wake up before its too late.