The Power of My Dua

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The question that comes to our mind always is that “What’s happening to my Dua?” But have we ever realized where the fault lies? Allah the Almighty is always there for us. He is always waiting to ask our concerns to fulfill it. But are we worthy of it? The answer for all these points is yes, for maximum people. It’s a great feeling when we see how great Dua is. In one of the Hadith which is recited by Abu Hurayrah, the prophet stated, “In the court of Allah, there is nothing greater than Dua”.

There are certain benefits of making Dua, and they are as under:

The Loss of Arrogance: Someone who is frequently making Dua, arrogance is something which will just vanish from their characteristics because when one preaches Allah, he is assuring his powerlessness.

The fulfillment of Dua: As your Dua gets fulfilled your faith becomes deeper. For the people who sometimes see that their Duas are not being answered, then either they have a option that their Dua will be accepted in the later part of their life or the option that the Dua will be accepted by another medium as one of the Hadith stated, Jabir narrates from the Prophet, “Whoever does duaa to Allah, Allah fulfils his seeking or in exchange averts misfortune until the dua is not related to sin or breaking some relation.”

Dua has the power to change the destiny (only the minor Qadr- not major ones such as the signs of the Day of Judgement) – Salman Farsi recited what Prophet has said, “Dua turns away destiny and good deeds lengthen age.”

The doors of mercy are opened: The divine words of Prophet are narrated by Abdullah bin Umar, “For whomever, the door of Dua opened, for him the door of mercy is also opened.”

There are some things that should be kept in mind before making the Dua:

Prophet once said, “Dua is Ibadah.” Since the type of worship is performed by almost everyone. This is even to the extent that the Prophet said, “Allah is extremely displeased with the person who does not do duaa to Allah.”

As mentioned before, Dua is mandatory. But, nowadays we only perform Duas when we have a need and considers it as the last resort if everything else gets failed. Prophet said, “Whosoever desires that Allah answers his Duas in unfavorable and difficult conditions, he should make plentiful Duain days of ease and comfort.”

Try and make Dua for others as if you do so, the same thing may happen to you also.

After completing the conviction with Allah will accept the Dua as if you don’t do it there is a high chance of not getting accepted. Prophet said, “Oh Allah! Forgive me if you want”, Have mercy on me if you want”, “Give me subsistence if you wish”.

The best times to offer Dua is when you are observing Sujood, which refers to the time between Adhan and Iqamah as indicated in the Hadith.

May the points mentioned above strengthen your Dua and may it benefit you in several ways.

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