The Parasite of Ideology

Posted by Jacob Mathecken in Politics, Specials
April 17, 2018

What the country is witnessing is a calibrated metamorphosis of a society through a virus-infected ideological parasite of a group or cult who arbitrates for itself the right to voice the thoughts, actions and deeds of the majority of the Indians and decide for their lives.

This virus has lived in this country for centuries. It has lived ever since the caste system came into existence and survived through centuries by cuddling up to the powers that ruled and working for them.

During the freedom struggle of this country, this virus was very active by professing support to the freedom movement in public while spying for the colonial rulers in private. The virus operated on a principle of clever use of information to the extent of misinformation to mislead the public by adopting Kautalian principles. Kautilya laid great stress on “concealed war” or misinformation campaigns which are synonymous with the Information Operations and Psychological Operations.

Goebbels during the Nazi regime perfected telling lies truthfully. By being more loyal than the king, this virus has won favour and patronage of the ruling dispensation of the day, to survive, manipulate and thrive in society through concocted knowledge, blind belief, superstition and justification of ‘Karma’ and ‘Samsara’.

According to Michael Molloy in his book Experiencing the World’s Religions: Tradition, Challenge, and Change, says, Karma refers to action, “each person’s birth is directly related to the past karma from the previous life of that individual”, and Samsara refers to the “wheel of life, the circle of constant rebirth”. To summarise, the virus has been in politics by politicking the mind, thought and practices of the people and manipulating through the rulers of the day.

Today, we are witnessing this in an ostensible measure, open defiance of the rule book of the nation – the constitution – and blatant patronage to the goons of the virus through its various social octopus wings emboldens the ruthless exploitation of the people and the society by rich and the affluent sections of the society. Atrocities on the marginalised and the poor have become the order of the day. Inhuman crimes are justified as an isolated event or trivialised as a common happening or alibied upon and rebutted as having no proof to merit consideration.

There has been a systematic pattern, smooth operations of oppression spanning a couple of decades or so.  Denying the oppressed and Dalits the benefits of reservation through gradual privatisation of various government functions and services. Also, tweaking the existing policies to deny the Dalits and the oppressed growth in their careers. What began as an agitation almost 30 years ago as an agitation has turned into a full-fledged attack today.

What has happened in Kathua and Unnao is an open and barbaric expression of the rape and murder of the human dignity itself, unbecoming of any civilised society. The open patronage given by persons in high places exposes the criminal designs that could find expression in more such depraving atrocities on the society as a whole, and individuals in particular.

It took days and weeks of relentless courageous outcry across the nation by ordinary citizens to finally wake to reality and order some action. The silence of various persona holding positions in public life on these human atrocities in Kathua and Unnao while holding fast across the country was more vocal about their disdain for the poor and oppressed notwithstanding the belated action taken later on.

The heart of India is stabbed when such atrocities happen. India bleeds when they are carried out without any remorse. India is taken back to barbaric ages. Human robots of evil and terror are more dangerous than computer robots. The ‘virus of ideology’ becomes the brainless intelligence of the nation instead of the artificial intelligence of technology. One wonders if people are better off with robots and artificial intelligence technology than these human robots of evil and band of brainless intelligence of the virus of ideology.


Image source: Karnika Kohli/Twitter