throwing light on the life of domestic workers in india

Posted by Shubham Bansal
April 12, 2018

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Now days, demand for domestic workers in India is increasing day by day.Domestic workers are found in every home these days.Hiring domestic work for household chores is of  great help for working women who does not get time clean their homes because of their office work.If domestic helper asks for a day off because of some personal reason, most of the women will not agree to it because no one wants to leave the house dirty for even a day.But do domestic workers get adequate     wages for all the chores that they do in homes? Most of the families will prefer full time workers as they save time and energy for most of the housewives. These workers demand more wages because they have to look after the house the entire day. When most of us come back home after a long hectic, tiring day at the office, we would expect a clean and tidy at the end of the day.

But if, by mistake, she forgets to clean one corner of our house, we will scream at her and will think of cutting half of her wage. Most of us do not realize that domestic workers have a family too.They also have to look after their family.Not the fact that domestic workers are illiterate,they come from a family background where they have to struggle a lot to get two square meals of a day. Most of us think that because domestic workers are not literate, it is our right to order then whenever we want. But this is a fact that in today’s time, most of the homes can not start their day if there is no domestic assistance. Caring for elderly people when we are at work, looking after children, infants.Though, it is a fact that a coin has two sides. The reason because most of the housewives and  working ladies afraid to hire domestic workers because they are not trustworthy.Most of the newspapers are filled with the news of increasing thefts, kidnapping cases when no body was at home.This is one of the major factors that people do not want to hire domestic helpers.Parent are preferred creches  for their children.But this factor does not overshadow the need of domestic workers in today’s time.


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