Top Benefits of CNC Machining

Posted by Alan Potts
April 17, 2018

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In this striving and competitive economy, businesses are constantly on the lookout for more efficient and productive ways of fulfilling their production operations. The conventional methods worked for some time, but they were costly and time-consuming. Therefore, businesses want to look for better options and this is where CNC machining comes in. These computer-numerical control (CNC) machines are programmed for manufacturing single design hundreds and even thousands of times.

You can take the example of Senga CNC Machining. The company’s spindles are equipped with automatic bar feeders that have the bar capacity between 3/8″ and 3″ diameter. The company keeps investing in the latest technological methods in order to improve Quality, Cost, and Throughput. CNC machining can provide a multitude of benefits to businesses and the top ones are outlined here:

Benefit 1: You don’t need extensive skills or experience

The downside of using conventional machines is that you need to have a long period of training and experience to be able to use and operate them properly. This is what makes CNC machining different because you don’t require any experience to be able to take advantage of them. The best part of CNC machining is that they make it easier to maintain production quality because they eliminate the factor of human error from the whole process. Yes, minimal training is required for CNC machining as well, but their benefits outweigh it.

Benefit 2: You can replicate products easily

Conventional machining is a good option when you have to make a single custom unit. But, when you have high production quotas that require you to make similar products in large quantities, it makes more sense for you to choose CNC machining. With this option, you are able to program your machine to make the same product over and over again and still maintain the quality. Where conventional machinery is concerned, an experienced operator is needed for making the same product and still, there might be variations.

Benefit 3: You need less labour for operating machinery

You can cut back your labour costs drastically when you opt for CNC machinery. You need extensive knowledge, skill and experience in the case of conventional machinery and this can boost your costs. But, when you go with CNC machining, you are able to obtain the same quality while needing fewer workers and without having your production levels affected.

Benefit 4: You can increase your production options

There are constant advancements being made when it comes to CNC machinery and the updated software can be used for manufacturing products that are nearly impossible or difficult to make by conventional machinery or hand. The software can also be updated when required for improving and enhancing the functionality of your CNC machines. This cannot be said for conventional machinery because there is little or no use of software so maintaining quality is immensely difficult.

Benefit 5: You don’t need any prototypes

CNC machining software enables you to simulate your idea even before you have cut it out. This means that a prototype doesn’t have to be produced, which can cost money and time. The use of software dramatically cuts down the time that’s spent on creating revisions and you can save weeks or even months of production time and labour that can be spent elsewhere.

Benefit 6: You are able to get modern workers

Most of the analytical and mathematical skills that are needed for operating conventional machines successfully are no longer a priority in schools as they once were. This means that there is a less skilled workforce available for conventional machines. Yes, hands-on training can be provided, but that involves the use of time and money. CNC machining is becoming a focus in schools as it is a better and more productive option, which means most modern workers know how to go about using CNC machines.

These are the benefits that CNC machining can offer you rather than conventional methods.

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