How Can Anyone Use “But Hindu Girls Are Raped Too” To Justify A Rape And Murder?

Posted by Maliha Parveen in Society
April 18, 2018

I don’t even know where to start. I got up to a horrendous news on Facebook, where I read about the brutal rape and murder of an eight-year-old child in Jammu. Yes, she is in the news now, but I doubt that this uproar is going to stay for a long time. With every passing day, the anger burning inside us will ease. A certain helplessness will take over. And one day, it’ll be out of our minds.

I have never cared, and am glad that even now I don’t, about what any political party has to offer. I don’t care because I have never seen them do the right thing for the betterment of society or the country. Whatever the political, religious, or any other stupid reasons are, it does not give any human the right to violate another life – especially, such a young and innocent life. Wouldn’t you rather die than let this happen to your own child?

Currently, the world is using one of the biggest logical fallacy that there is to debate about crimes like rape, murder or terrorism – the tu quoque fallacy.

The tu quoque fallacy or an appeal to hypocrisy, is something that intends to discredit the opponent’s argument by asserting the opponent’s failure to act consistently in accordance with its conclusion(s).

Yes, girls and women around India are raped regardless of their religion or backgrounds. Does it mean that we should ignore this case? Trolls, mostly bots created by hateful political parties, have decided to follow the Tu Quoque fallacy or ‘whataboutery’, in defence to every instance of social revolution.

“What about those girls raped by Muslims? What about all those innocent Hindu girls!?,” they scream.

Yeah, what about them? What are you saying? That this child’s brutal rape and murder should be forgotten and ignored because she was a Muslim? Or that Muslims are not punished for their hateful crimes, just because they are Muslims?

Better yet, perhaps we should start talking about all the past rapes committed in the name of religion (as you tag religion, not us)? Is that when we can speak about all the horrendous crimes done in the name of evil to innocent beings?

A friend on Facebook said: “The stupid perpetrators of hate politics waited for a day after the crime got uncovered, and what they did was this whataboutery to continue. I think the whole case is unique and one of the most brutal ones to happen in this nation. When you point your fingers at a priest raping a girl in a Madrassa or a Church, you should also understand that those cases are about a psychological disorder of an individual who just holds the capacity to perceive a female body as an instrument for sexual gratification. And, if you point your fingers at gangs-rapes during communal riots, that too should be considered as the sudden outburst of the libido. Here, the child was a victim of a very crooked plan to cause the exodus of a tribe. It bears testimony to the fact that hate politics has taken the nation to the most decaying level. Nobody can pardon the group of those criminals who were supposed to behave as fathers to children, not as devils.”

The very fact that they are bringing up Muslims raping young Hindu girls every time this rape and murder is spoken about, itself proves the disgusting political agenda behind it. There was pure evil and hatred driving those devils, with political leaders being the puppet masters.

Hateful political parties are obviously using troll bots for communalism and division, since I have difficulty in accepting that my Hindu or even non-Hindu friends would sideline a horrendous crime, just because it was done to a Muslim girl.

In fact, Hindus consider a temple as an auspicious and divine place – there’s no way they will speak in favour of those inhumane demons. I won’t accept that bait and will fight for those who are not speaking up, because we are all thinking the same thing – she was just a child.

The entire country stood up and fought for justice for Nirbhaya, and no one questioned her religion, caste or political agenda. It was what it was: a drunk driver along with his accomplices who brutally raped and murdered an innocent girl in a bus. But, an eight-year-old girl, gang-raped by a political leader, policeman and their accomplices for more than a week in a temple, before being murdered brutally and raped again, does not bring up the same emotion?

These are the stupid arguments, that the trolls who are pushing for a CBI inquiry have come up with:

  1. The initial report did not mention rape: How can you say so? Because, that is not what major, reliable and journalistic papers are saying. It is very clear what happened to an innocent girl. It is what you want to believe.
  2. It’s not possible to rape in a temple in the middle of a street: But, it is quite possible to kidnap and rape a Hindu girl if done by a bunch of Muslim men for days in a mosque or madrasa, even if it is in the middle of the street?
  3. The body was intentionally thrown inside the temple: Again, it was clear what happened, unless you were sleeping for the last few days. The body was found dumped in a ditch somewhere else, though the rape happened in the temple premises. But, of course, if only it was a mosque or church and not a temple, right? How easy it would have been for most of you to just accept that and move on.
  4. Mehbooba Mufti and Irfan Wani planned it all: Sigh. Now, these names sound so much better and believable than Vikram or Ram. Of course, these evil Muslims planned everything.
  5. Irfan Wani, the rapist: Of course, he ‘inserted’ rape in this case for sadistic fun because he has so much experience in it. Why not add these names – Ahmed, Sohail, Ali and Akbar while you are it, along with Irfan?
  6. The real culprits are Muslims and not these poor innocent Hindus: Ram, Prakash and some other Hindu names? No, it can never be any Hindu names in a Hindu temple. Let’s look more Irfani Wanis hiding in mosques or madrasas. Now, that is more believable than Hindus raping an eight-year-old Muslim girl in a temple for more than a week.

She was a just a child. Stop defiling her name, life and everything else for your religious and political agendas, and demand justice. If you are sharing these kinds of posts – you fell for it. You are the reason why we are having religious fights. If names of these evil beings were Muslim or Christian, would you have defended them? And, you would have demanded a CBI inquiry, obviously, right?

You fail as a human. You fail as an Indian. You fail because you are questioning and doubting an innocent girl’s rape and murder to let India fall into religious and political chaos. You fail because you listen to the same lies told by all political parties, led by uneducated and perverted people. You are no different at all, because you failed our country for using religion and politics in trying to minimise and reduce a horrible crime.

We thought we were different than our elders, and that we will do things differently, probably, a lot better than they could, to make this country a beautiful place for our future generations. We thought we could do this by stopping this nonsense of a Hindu-Muslims divide, caste or other such separatism and division methods. Well, thank you, as you all are the reason that this country is failing and dividing further apart.

Keep up the hard work, Ms Deepika Singh Rajawat and Mr Ramesh Kumar Jalla! At least, we have some sane humans who are working to get justice for an innocent being, as crimes are neither Hindu nor Muslim nor Sikh nor Christian.

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