We Talk About a Woman Being raped but Not a men Raping a Woman

Posted by Aiman Afzal
April 14, 2018

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Once upon a time, somewhere in the dark forest of kashmir, between the long tress that barely allows any light to reach the ground a child wailed, screamed as loud as she can. She ran for her life howled trying to escape from the monster running after her, but her tiny feet and bleak voice ultimately gave up. She was groped from behind her small mouth was forcefully shut and her little body stopped responding in shock. Her arms were twisted. She was being kidnapped. She was murdered. She was gang raped, repeatedly till her last breathe. She was an eight year old child. She was a kid. She was Asifa bano.

It is not about religion, it had never been it was about humanity. Humanity for the female counterpart for the little angels those barely knows the bitter truth about the world she is living. Again a tiny sole forced us to think about the essence of humanity that we have. She was never being murdered she sacrificed herself to question our existence. She forced questions on our patriarchal society, the communal hooligans and in return to her answers we are silent.
She is seven she gets raped, she is seventy she gets raped its not about her age. She wears jeans she gets raped, she wears burkha she gets raped its not about her dress. She is innocent she gets raped, she is arrogant she gets raped its not about her character. The problem is with the person who sees them with the lustfull eyes. The problem is with us too we don’t have the courage to stand for the right and innocent.

January 2018, kashmir. yet another brutal incident took place this time it was a eight year old little nomadic girl who belong to a gujjar tribe of kashmir. She went missing on January 10 and her body was found dead 5 days later. Everyone knows the case clearly but the sad part is that we are fighting for the fact that a “hindu” raped a “muslim” but not for asifa, just an eight years old girl who was murder by the Misogynist monsters. Rape has no culture, it is always about a girl being harassed and molested by the patriarchal society. Because if religion was the matter nirbhaya had never Being raped and brutally murdered, zainab should be alive. The culprit should be given punishment according to their sin not According to their religion as the victim was a female first than a Muslim just like the culprit he should be hanged to death for his brutal sin which is not a human trait, irrespective of his religion. Cause no matter what a rape culprit is always a rape culprit and a Misogynist monster than a Hindu or a Muslim. Asifa left us with the alarming call for humanity cause this time if we don’t take the right action at the right time the world will no longer get the meaning of humanity.

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