Posted by Aishwarya Ghuge
April 16, 2018

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As Shashi Tharoor said, “Politicians talk about everything but rape, that needs to change.” Well, indeed it has changed, now politicians or at least some of them have not only begun talking about rape, they have started committing the heinous crime as well! How wonderful for Indian women whose safety and respect was already in shambles. Hats off to you Mr Kuldeep Sen Sengar. But this is not a woman we are talking about, is it? Its a child of 17 years old in Uttar Pradesh in India. When they filed a complaint, the family was thrashed by the police and the victim’s father died or rather was ‘killed’ in judicial custody which shows just how righteous a security system our country boasts of! But I am sure a lot of people out there have not been affected by this so lets bring up an even more gruesome story which will probably be some heat for your frozen hearts. 8 ‘people’ if I may call them, took captive an 8 year old child in a small village temple in Kathua district for a week in January during which she was kept sedated and sexually assaulted before being bludgeoned to death. The accused include a juvenile. And this was all to punish the girl and her family because they belong to a Muslim Nomadic family in Jammu and Kashmir. Believe it or not, there were even people who stood by this crime and the people who had committed it. You cannot wear shoes inside a temple, dont even think about eating beef there but its official now, you can rape whoever you want inside it. Frankly speaking, I am not affected by all the candlelight marches and the passionate speeches a lot of bigshot people are giving because as History has proven, these fits of passion continue for a few weeks and then they burn out and that is what is going to happen now and it will keep happening in future. Look at Nirbhaya! The outburst was when she died and this is the first time her name has come up again. What is the point? These cases and a million more that have taken place and gone unnoticed should never have occured. Today, its politicians, tomorrow it will be civil servants. Where is the end? And now to stop this barbariansim, the only way out is capital punishment. Yes, we are a liberal country, we believe in forgiving and reforming but how can we do that at the cost of our daughters? If the reforms in the legislature after Nirbhaya had worked, I and a hundred other people out there would not need to speak up now. Why don’t these cases take place in Saudi Arabia? Because if a man molests a woman, he is publicaly executed without any further ado and no one takes after him then. What I am talking about is still capital punishment after a trial, after a judgement is passed so that the innocent don’t get exploited. We have had enough, kindly stop wasting your time and money on making and implementing laws which will not work in this country. The only law which will put a stop to this and bring justice to these exploited women and their families is the death of the criminals who caused them so much pain. Yes, I agree that we are noone to decide whether someone should live or die even if they are criminals but we need to understand that the millions of women in our country feel threatened if they step out of their houses, if they go to school, if they go to work, if they go to relieve themselves. What kind of society is this? If the death of 8 criminals can ensure that psychologically and physically Indian women can feel safe and this can prevent further grusome crimes like these then so be it. After all demonitisation was a bad radical idea implemented in a bad way and GST was a good radical idea implemented in a bad way, how about we have a good radical idea implemented in a good way? After all, doesn’t the Goverenment want to do something constructive before it leaves office or God Forbid, remains for another term?!


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